Benthic Caress :: Plymouth Art Weekender

Saturday 23rd September

Benthic Caress was a one-hour ecoacoustic participatory performance piece, which offered a unique experience in the Tidal Pool at Devils Point, gathering together 100 people to take part in a ‘silent disco’ where the soundtrack was a collection of specially curated sound pieces showcasing work which celebrates the diversity of marine life.

Curated by Laura Denning, with contributions from Chris Watson, Leah Barclay, Jez RileyFrench, ivon oates, David Rogers, Rachael Allain, Andrea V Wrights, Moore & Parker, Lee Berwick and the SW Trio Wildlife Discotheque.

Supported by Take A Part, Plymouth City Council and crowdfunder.

sounding… Sound and Environment Conference Hull

University of Hull :: 29 June – 2 July 2017
Sounding… Site specific performances, interventions and installations designed to explore the sonics of place. Collaboration with Dr. Marcus Leadley, a series of environmentally responsive ‘silent’ event during Sound and Environment [Art Science Listening Collaboration] Conference at the University of Hull.

South Winterbourne Journey


Saturday 28th January 2017 | 2.30 p.m. – 5.15 p.m.
Martinstown Village Hall | Martinstown, DT2 9JU
showcasing the results of the South Winterbourne Journey Arts Project

Produced videos and podcasts for the DIVAcontemporary STUDIO SDRLP end of project event in Martinstown, Dorset.

link to view ‘The South Winterbourne Journey’

link to listen/download South Winterbourne Podcasts

link to view Winterbourne Farringdon and Came creative writing workshop

link to listen/download ‘Bells for Armistice Day’ [Half Muffled Quarter Peal]
by St. Martin’s Church Bell Ringers


IDCD 2016 CD download

Produced 5 track (plus bonus items) International Dawn Chorus Day 2016 CD download on Bandcamp.

Link to download ::

Recorded as part of S O U N D C A M P :: Reveil 24 hour live Broadcast, on WAVE Farm USA and Resonance FM UK.

images by Julia Hutton | Mandy Rathbone | ivon oates | Nigel Slight | David Rogers

produced by David Rogers
at DIVAcontemporary STUDIO, Bridport, Dorset UKa big thank you to SoundCamp [] – Dawn Scarfe, Grant Smith and Maria Popadomanolaki for the opportunity to be part of this years project.


S O U N D C A M P supported by Arts Council England, B3Media, Heritage Lottery Fund, Southwark Neighbourhoods Fund, private supporters, SHED, DIVAcontemporary STUDIO.

sonic coast :: sounding shore 2016

Whitstable Biennale 2016
Saturday 4th June 11am-5pm on the beach near Keams Yard

Collaborative project, with Marcus Leadley and Mandy Rathbone, part of the Whitstable Biennale Satellite programme.

link to programme notes

Channel 1 : Live Performance
Xylitol • Nemeton [Adrian Newton] • Lab of Sonic Possibilities [Tansy Spinks and Iris Garrelfs] • Greg McLaren • Emmanuel Spinelli • Luke Scott and Lewis Wolstanholme • Douglas Benford • Daniel Ross • Ingrid Plum • Charles Vaughan and Tim Gardiner

Channel 2 : Recordings
Magz Hall • David Rogers • Marcus Leadley • John Levack Drever • Rob Mackay • ivon oates • Marjorie Van Halteren & Jeff Gburek • Benjamin Dallimore-Symonds • Jasmine Guffond • Jon Pigram • Rob Mackay • Jess Irvine • Mandy Rathbone • Salad Producer

supported by
goldsmiths logo

and DIVAcontemporary STUDIO [Dorset]

‘Printemps Japonais’ :: artconnexion Lille

Sadaharu Horio et le collectif KUKI

artconnexion’s ‘Japanese Spring’ marks the tenth year of a collaborative project. The project began in 2004 with Sadaharu Horio’s residency at la Maison Folie Wazemmes. Followed by a series of performance and research residencies in Japan by twelve artists from artconnexion, Lille.

Performance/Action 1 :: Wednesday 26th March 2014
La Galerie Commune, Tourcoing

Performance/Actions 2+3 :: Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th March 2014
Espace le Carré, Lille

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Sounds of Europe

Sounds of Europe was initiated by Q-O2 (workspace for experimental music and sound art/ Brussels), MTG (Music Technology Group/University Barcelona) / Sons de Barcelona , IRZU (Institute for Sonic Arts Research/Ljubljana) and CRISAP (Creative Research in Sound Arts Practice /University London). Together with associated partners, a programme of activities and artistic projects which explored the sounds of the world, thereby stimulating an exchange of experiences, results, and understandings of sound and listening.

DIVAcontemporary STUDIO, Q-O2 and partners