Nigel Slight in conversation with the ‘art group’

Curated and hosted electricbackroom artist Nigel Slight in conversation. An entertaining, engaging and informative talk, to the ‘art group’ about his work, influences and creative process at DIVAcontemporary STUDIO on Thursday 24th March 2016.

Link to Nigel’s notes ……..

sonic coast :: sound week

sonic coast :: sound week programmed and facilitated a week of sound events, including sound walks, audio workshops, listening walks and ‘in conversation’ (live studio and broadcast event). Link to documentation.
A DIVAcontemporary Studio project.

audio video works screened at sonic coast on film

Saturday 27th June 2015
Curated a programme of  ‘sound on film’ at DIVAcontemporary Studio, Bridport, Dorset.

‘converse 1 • wood pigeon and wind turbine’ by ivon oates [4min audio] mixed field recordings.

‘[dis]location’ by David Rogers [4min video] mixed field recording.
‘Dungeness’ by David Rogers [3min audio] remixed field recordings, hydro, contact and shotgun mics, layered over an ambient soundtrack.
‘elements’ by David Rogers [10min video] a triptych.

The programme included work by ivon oates and Marc Yeats :: more

Abbotsbury autumn sound walk


Abbotsbury autumn seasonal sound walk, first of four creative public participatory walks, lead artist on sound walk and sound editing workshop, facilitating inclusion of sounds on aporee maps, as installation work and inclusion on the projects GPS apps.
A DIVAcontemporary, South Dorset Ridgeway Landscape Partnership, HLF funded project. :: more

sonic coast :: metamedia at DIVAcontemporary studio


Sunday 25th and Monday 26th August – open studio7 – metamedia re-exploration of the Land Art movement, recalling the works of artists such as Richard Long, Nancy Holt and Robert Smithson who brought artifacts from the natural environment into the gallery, thereby translating qualities of the landscape into a new context. Exploring the natural environment itself as potential for artworks. Where stones are no longer just a basic material to be refined in a sculptural process.

During the two days metamedia created a live mix, drawing from their collection of sounds made on Portland :: more

Portland Stone :: a four screen installation

sonic coast :: metamedia

Monday 5th August 2013

Ivon oates, Mandy Rathbone, David Rogers and Joe Stevens [metamedia] experiments in reinterpreting the landscape – working from and experimenting in the Drill Hall, sonically exploring Portland quarries, showcasing work in progress.

at the Drill Hall Gallery, Portland, Dorset

Supported by DIVAcontemporary Studio Bridport and Portland Sculpture Quarry Trust

city wandering :: resonance104.4fm

Sun, June 9, 11pm – Mon, June 10, 12am

The best from a world of field recordings, curated by Patrick McGinley. Tonight’s edition features work by Iain Armstrong, Soduz, BJ Nilsen with Stillupsteypa, Chris Whitehead, David Precott-Steed, and David Rogers. Plus a framework intro by Adam Malantonio. Visit for more information and/or contact [Repeated Saturday 2am.]
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