Film Nation: Shorts Film – Dec. 2011

TRUCE [1 min.]

A Film Nation: Shorts Film and PVA MediaLab

Working with young people at Bridport Youth Centre on the theme of ‘truce’.


contributors and crew:

Jade Allen

Annabel Arnold

Merry Chamen

Elle Goodall

Arran Green

Fingal Green

Leanne Hawkins

Freya Hester

Amy Howells

Elliot Joy

Zak Newsome

Lukas Reneé Cemmick

Isaac Rogers

Max Shirley

Ned Spear

Oliver Weaver

Jessica Wheeler

youth leaders:

Lauren Glover

James Ward-Rice

filmmaking mentors:

James Price

Mandy Rathbone

David Rogers

A Film Nations: Shorts Film and PVA MediaLab project 2011

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